Quick Fix: 49 Ways You Can Be Happier Right Now

Of course it takes work to be happy. You have to;  have the right attitude, have the right outlook and take the right actions.


As Benjamin Disraeli noted, actions may not always bring happiness but there is no happiness without action. And it is not something you can find elsewhere, if not in yourself. 

One of the common misconception is that happiness is having. A lot. More than you will ever need. More than what you neighbors have. It is not.

Happiness is about enjoying what you have. As a card from Citibank, many years ago, taught me. “Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get.”

Of course it takes work to be happy. Especially to achieve longer term, lasting adjustment.

But, if you are, like most people, hurrying through life. Wanting everything done yesterday.  I want to make you happy too. 

Are you hurrying through life and still want to be happy? Okay here are 49 ways you can be happier right now.


Here are 49 ways you can be happier right now:

Quick Fix: 49 Ways You Can be Happier Right Now -Humor

1.Control digital distractions. Set a time window each day to reply to phone calls and mails. And, only tackle the important ones.

2.Avoid the Maximizing Mindset. Stop chasing for the best, the most, the fastest and the prettiest. Stop seeking perfection.

3.Have at least 8 hours of sleep a day.

4.Meditate. Start with 15 minutes a day.

5.Do some aerobic exercises daily.

6.Get some sunlight. 2-4 hours a day is good.

7.Keep a Gratitude Journal. Find something or someone to be grateful for each day. Even better. Find three.

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8.Don’t do more. Do the more important.

9.Eat intentionally. Have an eating plan.


10.Kill your worries with remedial actions. Even a single action a day, will keep the worrying at bay.

11.Learn something new. Keep learning.


12.Look for positives in negatives. Setbacks are lessons for success.

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13.Embrace nature. Stop to smell the flowers.

14.Take a break. Go somewhere new. Meet new people. Engage.

15.Do a random act of kindness. Help someone, in some way today.

16.Praise someone who serves you today. Even at home.

Quick Fix: 49 Ways You Can be Happier Right Now

17. Join a cause. Engage with the community.

18.Don’t overthink. Just carry out your plan.

19.If you have to grieve, give yourself time to grieve.

20.Uncover the purpose for the rest of your life. Write it down. Internalize.

21.Set three challenging and specific goals to achieve within a year.

22.Donate what you can afford, right now, to a worthy cause of your choice.

23. Sincerely express your love to your family. Today.

24.If you must compare. Make a downward comparison. Read Neal Roese’s book, “If Only.”

25.Compete with your last achievement. Commit to a step improvement.

26.Learn to say “No” and feel good. See the good from your “No.”

27.Smile. Often.

Quick Fix: 49 Ways You Can Be happier Right Now

28. Identify and change your bad habits. One at a time.

29.It’s a truth. “Today is the first day for the rest of your life.” Know that you can start to live to a better script.

30.Choose that which will make you happy.

31.Take up an immersive and enjoyable hobby, e.g. photography.

32.Appreciate your blessings and achievements.

33.Teach a younger person something positive you have learned in your life.

34.Mind your thinking language. Use thought words that empower. Such as “I choose to…” instead of “I have to…”

35.Find out more about your brain. There is a wealth of books and other materials to educate you.

36.Listen to positive, helpful podcasts. Get ideas. Get inspiration.

37.Protect your power to choose. Actively choose to choose every time.

38.Accept defeat as an impetus to seek victory.

Quick Fix: 49 Ways You Can be Happier Right Now

39.”Re-live” your best family moments.

40.Eliminate the trivial many. Focus on the vital few.

41.Focus on the present. Review your future plans daily. Reflect on what you have done daily. On a fixed schedule.

42.”Re-live” your best moments in life regularly.

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43.Keep friends who are a positive influence.

44.Be a success broker. Aspire to be known as someone who helps people succeed.

45.Speak behind somone’s back. Only the good stuff.

46.Promote happiness in others.

47.Engage in meaningful work.

48.Accept uncertainty as part of life. Be as prepared as you can. Don’t worry about what you can’t.

49.Trust yourself. You are the best person to live your life.

There you are. 49 ways to be happier right now. Sounds like a quickfix. Looks like a quickfix. But, trust me, all the 49 ways take work, discipline and commitment.


Doable? You think?




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