Find Happy Fast is about reconnecting to your potential. To reclaiming the version of yourself, you’ll be happy to live with. A Happy Purpose Driven Being. Moving. From Being Well to Wellbeing. Owning the intentional actions for your happiness. Without having to spend your lifetime, trying to figure out how.



My superpower is empathy, with a sense of humor. I think developing a sense of humor is possible. You must learn how to be happy first.
With my Laughing Buddha . My Superpower is empathy and a sense of humor.


Owning the action in Life Satisfaction. Forging the path to a positive life experience.

Reconnecting and reclaiming. Not starting over. Because. You have been there.

Just a bit defocused now. Fazed by the explosion of shiny objects. Dazed by the myriad distractions. Digital and other types. All vying for your attention. All luring you to undress your mind. For the invasion. All promising happiness.

All luring you to undress your mind. For the invasion. Click To Tweet

If you’ll pay for it. Mostly, making you unhappy. Again. And again.

The intensity and relentlessness of the barrage at you. Engulfs you in overwhelm.

And your mind. And your brain. In auto gear, your mind wonders. Your brain feeds it. With ruminations. Questions. Worries. Fears.

Endowment from the past. When our ancestors live with anticipation. Of being attacked. By beasts and beings. Constantly.

Scientists found that. Mind wandering. Mostly leads to negative emotions. Which deprive you of happiness.

But there is a lot of good news. From mind scientists. You can reclaim your happiness. By making positive changes. To your thoughts. To your choices. And be in control of your actions. 

Psycholgists found. That by intentionally engaging in activities that prime you with optimism and motivation, thereby boosting your positive emotions, you will increase your experience of happiness. By at least 40%!

For the other 50%. Genetically driven set point. You can change your mind to change your brain to change your mind.

By learning to be mindful. And managing your internal chatter. Reliving your good experiences. Savoring positives a bit longer. And imagining your glorious best self. 

In fact, it is an accepted scientific finding; you can be happy. Even if you are genetically wired with the unhappy streak. If you make the right choices.

Find Happy Fast cannot make you happy. We exist to advocate happiness. And you do not have to spend your lifetime building the wisdom. To take you where you really want to go. I will share what I have learned.

I will provide information, tools and strategies. Point you to choices you have to make. Disciplines you have to embrace. To become happy.

Strategies to achieve happiness at the hardest place to be happy. The battleground where you do your 9-5 grind!

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While the focus is on sustainability, we think it is okay to enjoy instant gratifications. Life is made up of a series of moments.

Balance. Is the key. There will be longer posts on sustainable strategies. As well as snippets. Cartoons. Pictures. Memes. To reset your mood.

www. findhappyfast.com/How to work with the first enemy of your success?

It’s important to know. You cannot be happy 100% of the time. There are times you need to grieve. There are times you need to feel concerned. There are times you need to have a sense of fear.

However, it is your right to be happy. Most of the time.

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The heart of FHF;

-Live: The inside job. We’ll look at all that make you tick. And  all the upticks.

-Work: How to find happiness with your work and your workplace?

-Play: Play can be serious work. How play is an equally important part, if not a more important, part to wellbeing?


As the CEO; Chief Elation Officer of Find Happy Fast, I’ll be around as your host and cheerleader. Clearing the undergrowth. Paving the path to where you want to be. Happy.



Cheers from the Chief Elation Officer of Find Happy Fast
Cheers from The Chief Elation Officer


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