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Mindset: This Lady Has Balls.

Oddball ‘Ballsy’ the Book Led me to the Wisdom of the Lady with Balls I bought ‘Ballsy’ a few days ago. At a book fair. With a title like ‘Ballsy-99 ways to Grow a Bigger […]

Happy Mindset : Was Mick Jagger Singing Your Song in 1965?

Is the Best Good Enough for You ? Or is Good Enough the Best?   Perhaps. The most ‘kiasu’ thing about Singaporeans is, they are ‘kiasu’ about the word, ‘kiasu.’ They make it sound. Like […]

Gratitude: Living the Attitude

Finding Happy during Hard Times is a Choice. I am thrilled to see John coming my way. Except a few more wrinkles and a few less hair, he looks like John. Of 10 years ago. […]

Positive Energy: Want Some Respect? Blow Your Top!

Anger: Are You Silencing it’s Good Vibes with the Bad Rap? Sunday, August 9, 2015 Coutinho, with his back to the goal, took the pass from eighteen year old team mate, Joe Gomez, turned Steve […]

Mindfulness: Sorry You aren’t Informed, You’re 40% Robot

Can You wrestle back the power to call the shots and stop spamming yourself with bad habits? You just came in from the hot sun. Counter service asked. “What’d you like today, Sir?”  Almost gapless. […]

Seeking Purpose: When all else Fails, Try Living again

Four Practical Ways to Find Fulfillment in Life Come with me. To Nepal. Let’s also go back in time. To 6th century B.C. A young man, in a chauffeur driven limousine, is looking intently at […]

Meaningful Life: What will You be clutching when they find your body?

How Important is Meaning to Your Life even If You have The Means to Live? You know this guy. We know this guy. “I want to be like Steve Jobs,” he declares. You mean, dead? […]