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www. findhappyfast.com/How to work with the first enemy of your success?

How to work with the first enemy of your success

“To handle yourself, use your head;   to handle others, use your heart.” -Eleanor Roosevelt Who do you think, is the first enemy of your success? Your competitor? Your close friend? Your elementary school teacher? […]


Increase your chances to be happy, try embracing these 6 positive disciplines

Happiness is a Choice. It is not something that happens to you. It’s about the disciplines you embrace.   Contents -From GNP to GNH, the Bhutan experience. -How Do You Claim Your Happiness? -The 6 […]


Meaningful Life: What will You be clutching when they find your body?

How Important is Meaning to Your Life even If You have The Means to Live? You know this guy. We know this guy. “I want to be like Steve Jobs,” he declares. You mean, dead? […]