The cost of Arrogance: why you must avoid it and how to do it.

“Don’t confuse confidence with arrogance. Arrogance is being full of yourself, feeling you’re always right, and believing your accomplishments or abilities make you better than other people. People often believe arrogance is excessive confidence, but it’s really a lack of confidence. Arrogant people are insecure, and often repel others. Truly confident people feel good about themselves and attract others to them.”

Christie Hartman, behavioral scientist

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The cost of Arrogance.Arrogance is a harmful trait. To you.

It’s  a social bomb. Which will blow away. Even your prized relationships.

Arrogance has an economic cost too. It has crushed many “too big to fail” entities.

Arrogance has an economic cost too. It has crushed many “too big to fail”… Click To Tweet

Also important. It is said to be a veneer. For a deep lying personality problem. The sense of insecurity. Which feeds your need to bully. Which. Ultimately. Leaves you. Broken. A life. Deserted.

Devoid. Of faithful servants. Sincere friends. And, happiness.

This post explores. The cost of arrogance. Why you must avoid it. And, how to do it.



  • Individual setbacks
  • Big time tragedies
  • The fall of an iconic dynasty
  • Gradual recovery
  • Key takeway

The Cost Of Arrogance-Why you must avoid it& How to do it

I was fascinated that Donald Sterling, the billionaire owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team would talk to Anderson Cooper of CNN. About the racist rants.  Which his girlfriend, V. Stiviano taped.  Also, made public.

This is a tricky situation. I wanted to learn how this money genius would explain himself.

At some parts of the interview, he was trying to paint the remarks as situational. According to him. He was baited. He was using the words his girlfriend used first. Quite good.

Then, he attacked Magic Johnson. Bad. He kept saying that he (Sterling) has done these good deeds.

In a condescending manner, he kept questioning what Magic Johnson had done for the minority. His arrogant streak got the better of him.

I like the way his behavior is described at the Lake Show, “A callous figure, Sterling was unable to elicit contrition or remorse, his lips dripped in arrogance and denial. He spoke to Anderson Cooper as if the situation he was in was some sort of slap on the wrist transgression instead of a far reaching, self-inflicted wound”

I thought to myself, “another destruction by arrogance.”

History is littered with mega-scale destructions. Attributed to arrogance. Unchecked.

Iconic individuals. Marque business organizations. That were thought to be. Too big to fail.  All done in. By the culture of arrogance.

Just before he was defeated. At the Battle of Waterloo. It seemed that.  Napoleon Bonaparte assured his generals, the Duke of Wellington was a bad general. The English were bad soldiers. They will be beaten by lunch time.

So. If Napoleon had been successful. The phrase would be. “He will eat you before lunch.” And. Not the other one.

In the United Kingdom, the iconic publicist Max Clifford was sentenced to 7 years in jail for sexual assault on teenage girls. After one of the assaults, he reputedly told the victim, “Don’t bother telling anyone-they won’t believe you.” It was like, “you are nothing compared to me” kind of arrogance.

Arrogance is unhealthy ego In 1912, they thought they had built the unsinkable ship. When asked if the ship was really unsinkable, a deck hand on the Titanic was supposedly to have replied, “God himself could not sink this ship!”

While other nearby ships waited for the sunrise. To reveal the ice-berg hazards, the Titanic raced through the moonless night, at top speed. To set the trans-Atlantic speed record. Fifteen hundred lives were lost in the freezing water. That night the ‘unsinkable’ ocean liner struck the ice-berg. And was sunk.

A post at Reality Sandwich. com., suggests. The explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger. Could be attributed to the arrogance. Of the NASA Administrator for the launch. 

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It seemed that he had called the President of the company that designed the rocket. Threatening him with the risk of losing the billion dollar contract. Unless they gave the go ahead to launch the shuttle.

Even when it was assessed to be of high risk. To do so.

There are many companies which think. They are too big to fail.

Recently, there are a number of articles floating around. About the arrogance of Silicon Valley companies. 

Warning. They will face destruction. Unless they mend their ways.

Time will tell. Whether they will respond to the warning. Or die.

However. There are key examples of corporations that have demised. Killed by. Arrogance.

At its peak, Nortel was employing over 90,000 people world- wide.

According to researchers, the collapse of the telecommunications giant was caused by “a culture of arrogance and even hubris.”

Arrogance led to numerous management errors and weakened the firm’s ability to adapt to changing customer needs.

A common trait of arrogant firms. Compromising financial discipline. Thinking that their revenues will keep growing. Because they have built the better mouse trap.

Nortel was reported to have lax financial discipline when they were doing well.

Management was also not taking the R&D team seriously.

And when they were facing business downturns, they were too arrogant to seize the opportunities to downsize.

In 2009, they filed for bankruptcy protection. And were disbanded.

Everybody knows about Enron.

Arrogant leadershipis toxic to an organization. It looks like strength but is a debilitating weakness. For all the greed and excesses. That was Enron. It was the toxicity of arrogance that started their downfall.

It was said that the leadership at Enron believed. They will outlast even behemoths like Exxon Mobile.

At a conference of utility executives, Jeff Skilling, Enron’s CEO then. Told competitors. He was going to eat their lunch.

When their stock was at $ 80, Skilling thought they were underpriced. It should have been at $ 126 a share, he declared.

In the end. Thinking they were too big to be caught, the leaders at Enron kept inflating the value of their company. Until it became unsustainable. They got caught in their own spin. And went bust.

The Nehru-Gandhi family’s long dominance of Indian politics was brought down by Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Unlike the royal like incumbents, Modi was born into a family of the lowest of the caste system. 

Unthinkable. But it happened. The Gandhi political dynasty was dismantled by Modi, a low caste politician. And the BJP. Why?

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It was suggested by the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan. The Congress Party, led by the Nehru-Gandhi family, lost at the polls due to the “arrogant” behavior of its leaders.

He was to have said, “The behavior of the Congress leaders was not good. They always levelled allegations and people did not like that. They were full of arrogance. They made cheap comments.”

Arrogance is double jeopardy. It is a destructive characteristic. And it is hard to shed. However. Left alone. It will grow. And grow. And grow.

Until it controls. What is left of your good judgement.  And then, it will rob you. Of what feeds your arrogance. Your immense means. And power.

Some of your victims. Will haunt you. Others will avoid you. You will get a sense of loneliness. Helplessness. And even. Deep regrets.

Or. You can try to exorcise. This devil in you. With these 4 ways.

It is hard.

Expect step improvements.

Not immediate recovery.

1.Embrace the attitude of gratitude

Daily. Appreciate what you have. And be thankful. Specifically to the people who have enabled your success. Thank them in your heart.

And better.

Send out thank you notes. Find new people to send. Everyday.

You’ll feel happier. And. So will others.

2.Reframe your ‘arrogant think.’

If you think. “Look at what I have built.” Add. “With the people who worked with me.” Thank Sam. Thank Samantha. Thank Joe. Thank Joanne. And….

Project yourself. As a person of substance. Not. Just a person of means.

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3.Stop comparing down

The Chinese curb the desire for one-upmanship with this reminder. “There is always a higher mountain.” You can say. “What can be higher than Mount Everest?” In human terms. It’s dynamic. Jeff Bezos has overtaken Warren Buffet. Moneywise.

Fresh faces are becoming billionaires. Money is fluid. It can flow anywhere.

It is better. To think value. Use what you have. To build better value.

Value last longer. You are better remembered for what you did. Then what you have.

How many people know Zuckerberg? Because of what he has? Than what he has created?

4.Start with a praise.

Force yourself to start a conversation with a praise. Look for a value. In the person.

Soon. You will get all the love. And adoration. That your inner self seeks with arrogance.

The insecurity you feel. Feeding your need to bully. Respect and love.


Someone said,  “Arrogance is a strange disease that makes everybody sick except for the person actually inflicted with it.”

This is why. With Arrogance. It is hard to change.

In a Forbes post, “The Price of Arrogance,” the story about the fall of Warnaco. A luxury brands retailer.

The cause of the downfall? The arrogance of the CEO led to the departures of her key executives. 

The cost of ArroganceKey Takeaway

Arrogance is a costly trait. Not only individuals are destroyed. Multi-billion dollar corporations have been brought to their knees.

Given a choice. Most would want to escape an arrogant. Anything.

To save yourself from being classified. As toxic material. Try the 4 ways suggested. To tamper the urge to flout your means. Instead of your substance.

This post is a short account of. The cost of arrogance. The examples tell you. Why you have to avoid the cost of being arrogant. The 4 ways show you how to do it.

Are you strapped with a social bomb?

How would you know if you are self-confident, proud or arrogant? Think. Skills. Talent. Achievements. Unrealistic self-adoration. Insecurity.

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